We live in a curious time. While the west has been at war for nearly two decades, most men still live in comfortable homes with few things lacking. And fewer have seen hardship...the sort of hardship that changes one's world view. And so they move through their lives inhabiting grown men's bodies, but with the emotions and mental toughness of kids. Toughness is something one builds and develops, not something one is given at birth. And toughness builds an emotional maturity that allows a man to control his emotions. We all have breaking points, but the breaking point of a tough man is farther down the road. Hemingway was once asked in a long ago magazine article to describe toughness or "guts". He said it was grace under pressure. Kipling wrote about it as well (and it is a sad and unfortunate thing that so few will have ever read either of these men) "If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you. If you can trust yourself when all men... Read more →

Your training should lead to mindless execution. If it doesn't, then you are wasting your time. Think of what we do in class. Let's say for a contact weapon attack at ten feet away (just outside of hand to hand range). Our strategy for a contact weapon attack, assuming we are armed with a projectile weapon (pistol) is to maintain the distance while we draw and shoot the attacker to the ground. The tactic for doing that is the take off footwork to the 5 o'clock and 7 o' clock lines. So we train that tactic hundreds of times alone without any pressure and without any opponent until we understand how to physically execute the movements. Then we bring in a training partner and with minimal pressure, we drill the technique that supports our strategy in context of application an equal number of times. Once we have a contextual understanding, we turn up the pressure in force on force exercises. This brings physical memorization, understanding of context and combat application. It is what we do and have done for nearly... Read more →

I invented the Glock PDW. That is a point of history. But it is not "the one true ultimate weapon created by the god of war". I find the ongoing desire to get , just the one gun, as ridiculous. Ask me what the best gun is and I will ask you what you want it for. Just as knife is not better than a spoon and a spoon not better than a fork, it depends on what you are intending to do. Thus there is, as Musashi once wrote, a time and a place for each weapon. A learned warrior selects the one best suited for what he expects to face. So now we discuss the SMG. (And word-nazis...I completely understand the actual SMG (submachinegun) is a selective fire weapon and these are not. I don't care...I call assault rifles by their original German name translated into English - thus "Assault Rifles", and I call these weapons "Submachineguns". If that offends anyone, go read another blog. Moving on.) Is it better than the Glock PDW? No. Is the Glock... Read more →

The 870 Covert-12 is 27.5" long with a 8.5" barrel, and is the smallest and most portable 12 ga you will find. The dimensions make it far easier to keep with you than even a stock tac-14 weapon. And it is just as legal as any other firearm. Read more →

While in Czech Republic some years ago we had an opportunity to play with several Czech weapons from SMGs to full-size Machineguns. Very cool what you can really do at a former "secret soviet base" in a former communist nation that is now free. The first submachinegun we worked with in Czech Republic was the infamous Skorpion VZ-61 SMG. "Infamous" due to its use by several terrorist groups around the world. Carlos The Jackal was quite fond of it as I recall. This due to its concealability (no bigger than the typical IPSC game gun), and its controllability. Take a close look at the photo. You will see six shots being fired on full automatic. The brass cases are in the air or being extracted. Notice also the total lack of any muzzle rise at all. We were treated to the "song of the Skorpion". The weapons burns though a stick so quickly that one can hear the whistle sound of the brass cases falling back to earth after the last shot is fired. The VZ-61 is an interesting little... Read more →

Make Yourself Harder to Kill - Skip Coryell

Make Yourself Harder to Kill Editor's Note: This is a discussion by Skip Coryell on his show. Here is the link https://jeromecoryell.podbean.com/e/episode-86-pat-colbeck-is-pro-gun-and-running-for-michigan-governor/ Episode 86 - Pat Colbeck is Pro-gun and Running for Michigan Governor This week on The Home Defense Show Skip speaks with State Senator Patrick Colbeck who is running for Michigan Governor. Skip asks him all the hard questions on the right to keep and bear arms and gets very straight answers. Then Skip seals the deal in segm... jeromecoryell.podbean.com Last week we had a great interview with Gabe Suarez of Suarez International, and it turned out to be the most listened to show since I started The Home Defense Show almost two years ago. Gabe is very insightful (and inciteful to some) and I always take his comments to heart. One thing he said that has really convicted me is this: “There are excellence seekers in every endeavor, but excellence is not a right given to you by the constitution. And let’s face it, the majority of the people today are lazy … and they’ll pinch a... Read more →

In essence: Why would we pick a 9mm, like the Glock PDW or Czech Scorpion, when we can have a 5.56x45? Well...it is a valid question and I will give my perspective on this based on 32 years of experience going into harm's way as well as teaching those who go into harm's way. Every weapon is a special weapon with a specific application. There are no weapons that handle every possible combat task equally well, and any choice is an exercise in compromise. While we all have personal preferences, the professional, or professionally-minded enthusiast should not have a "favorite weapon". Rather he should be skilled at a variety of weapons so that given some forethought and planning, he can select the best tool for the job. Now lets recall the concept of the PDW and its pseudo-official definition: A personal defense weapon (PDW) is a class of compact magazine-fed, self-loading, hybrid between a submachine gun and a carbine. The name describes the type's original role: as a compact but powerful defensive weapon that can be carried by troops behind... Read more →

The Shield Maiden and I had been working on our ground fighting skills, as husbands and wives often do, when the call came in. It was five "9"s in succession. Translated that meant, "call station right now shit is going down". This was long before texts...and even before Al Gore invented the internet...we carried pagers. I grab up the phone and call in. "Gang-related Murder. Sgt. Cooper thinks it was the mom". Shit...I hated those kinds of calls. I tossed the Go-Bag in the back seat of the T-Bird and sped down La Tuna Canyon to PCH as Phil Collins tuned out on the stereo in the summer evening. The victim was a known gang member and the common thought back then was that all of the family were gang members as well, from the 90 year old deaf grandfather to the five year old little brother with snot running down his face. I walked in past the uniforms as I threw on my "Gang Unit" jacket to explain my shaved head and long fu manchu. The victim, "Cricket" was... Read more →