We have been running a Beretta 1301 for our shotgun work for about a year now. Yes, I know...the shotgun's day is waning in lieu of the rifle. That notwithstanding, the shotgun still has a viable role, albeit a more specialized one than some shotgun advocates would suggest. Rather than resuscitate those older articles on the shotgun, I will simply link them here. Suffice to say that in my opinion, a semi auto shotgun exceeds the capability and efficiency of a pump, and of the semi autos available today, the Beretta 1301 is one of the top choices and the best value for the money. Semi Auto VS Pump Action On Shotguns & Their Role Original 1301 Article Often compared to the "other Italian shotgun", the 1301 weighs about two pounds less, is more reliable with a range of loads, is faster cycling, and costs much less. What is not to like? The Beretta 1301 does have one issue and that was discovered after it was in use for a while. If you press the rear portion of the bolt... Read more →

We know the story line by now don't we? In case you still cannot grasp the situation, or the events, let me lay it out in a way that anyone who has ears and eyes and a brain can understand. 1). Gun free zones are established so weak and powerless people can feel safer. 2). The same people who institute such things, refuse to believe that evil people exist, and that their motivations in life are far different than a normal person. Moreover, that certain factions of certain cultures cultivate evil, and the adherents of those factions embody that evil. 3). Being naive enough to support the views enumerated in points one and two, these people invite the evil into their nations, their cities, their schools and their homes, embracing the evil's devotees in some convoluted "coexist" methodology. What results are events like this. Events like Fort Hood, San Bernardino, Orlando (now seemingly long forgotten), Minnesota, the Bataclan, Nice, and now Ohio. Here is a simple truth. There is no "co-exist". Freedom and Oppression, Modernity and Savagery, Evil and Good... Read more →

I have little regard for tradition when it comes to winning a fight, or training to do so. Take traditional concealed carry. Much of the common held thought involves a strong side holster with off-side ammo pouches, carried on a heavy leather belt (or Nylon Tactical Belt) hidden under a photographer's vest. Such attire, while technically legal (the gun IS covered), is hiding nothing. Understand that there is definitely a tactical reason to hide the gun far and above the legal requirement to do so. The legal requirements are tactically uninteresting, we want to know the combat reasons why its important. Simply speaking, popular CCW attire marks you as gun carrier, and an adversary seeking to dominate an environment that you occupy will simply shoot you first. Consider a bank or other high profile location. Bad guys come in and look around. There, standing in the midst of a bunch of Gucci wearing latte swilling yuppies are you, bedecked in your Royal Robbins Tuxedo, Wilderness Black Tactical Belt, NRA Cap, and GSG9 boots, with that tell-tale Surefire lanyard dangling beneath... Read more →

Yes, I am happy about it just as a Jew would be happy at the demise of Hitler or Arafat. Some history... Fulgencio Batista, Castro's predecessor, was a dictator. A brutal one just as bad as any in Latin America...a region renowned for its lack of democracy. Batista was a smart man and allied himself with US business interests. And he used his position to enrich himself and oppress any opposition. Castro's revolution was not always billed as a Communist one and there were several other actions fighting Batista that were not aligned with Castro. But in the chaos of the final days of the revolution, Castro came out on top. The USA had plenty of opportunity to intervene, and Eisenhower had developed a sound plan. A puppet installed by the USA was far better than Castro. But as is so common, even today, with US foreign policy, when Kennedy inherited the presidency, he allowed the anti-Castro operation to fail and solidified Castro's hold on Cuba. JFK, IMHO, was as much responsible for Castro's lengthy rule as anything else. Think... Read more →

I got back to the station and my uniform was in shreds. My knees and elbows looked like I was some little kid that fell off his bike. In short, I looked like crap. I had just concluded a nice little ground fight with an MS-13 gang member. In retrospect, I should have simply stabbed him in the neck...but we learn and live…thankfully. He was brought in beaten up bad, and choked out...but very much alive. In my experience, fights do not always go to the ground. They do if you lose your balance, or if you go to a clinch and both guys lose their balance (or one decides to lose the other guy's balance). The big problem with all of this is that you will never be fighting just one guy. There will be others waiting to kick you in the face when you are tied up with their "carnal"...their homie. So my focus on learning to fight on the ground is not to apply arm bars, or submit people, but rather to get the f*ck back up... Read more →

SUAREZ INTERNATIONAL'S KNUCKLE DUSTER SERIES One of the common threads in any group of men that goes into harm's way is a decompression and debriefing session. This is where everyone chills out, the cold beers come out, and there is a heart to heart discussion on what happened and how to do it better the next time. Jokingly referred to as "choir practice", these were hardly spiritual group hug singing sessions, but instead, think of it as a group "high five" with an emphasis on how to kill the bad guys better the next time. Sometimes, depending on the events of the night, we drank our cold beers in silence...nothing else to be said. There was no rank at these events, often handled after hours in the parking lot of the station. The name of these "killer encounter sessions" came from a book by Joseph Wambaugh titled The Choirboys. In honor of those long ago days we first developed the Choirboy. It is, a bottle opener intended to crack a beer in style. As a bottle opener it can go... Read more →