It was only a matter of time. The "gun media mafia" is now anti-stakeout. The astounding thing is that they don't seem to be anti-Mossberg Shockwave, when our Stakeout 870 is used in the same way. I suspect if Larry Vickers had come out with the concept, these same detractors of the Stakeout would be rubbing their man-parts all over it and then wiping it down with canola oil...but there I go on a tangent. So the arguments...lets discuss them one by one shall we. 1). They say that these weapons are difficult to shoot well. Truth: We all recall the anti-red dot rhetoric where the same guys would claim that the red dot slowed them down, that they had to hunt for the dot, and the dot would disappear when they shot. We showed that all of these issues are training issues and that any new technology has a learning curve. The problem is that the lazy do not care for learning curves. Truth: Many of the pundits come from the police world where two trends have been insinuating... Read more →

We are quickly devolving into a society of images, where the flashy hold more importance than anything else. This isn't new, but the prevalence of media has made it more pronounced. It has always had a society where the juggler held people's attention far more than the scholar, and the jester was more popular than the knight. I recall in my days as a Karate instructor (real karate not what we see today passed off as karate). A new student would come in an ask when he could learn the flying side kick. "Listen grasshopper", I would tell him, "you can't even keep your balance yet". But the flying side kick that hit nothing at all, was never seen in a real fight, and was easily evaded even by a blind man, got more attention than the low round kick to the leg. The low roundhouse kick was seen in many real fights and often broke the recipient's leg, but was not flashy and was all but ignored. So today we see the two "flying side kicks" of the gun... Read more →

The liability freaks online are already giving birth to multiple calves about this. So here is my educated and experienced perspective on the case. Synopsis: Couple of drunks point a BB gun out a hotel window. Someone sees it and calls the police. Police get a man with a rifle call and respond. Drunks don't cooperate and one of them gets shot. That is it in a nutshell. Now to the fine points. 1). About 9 p.m., Shaver, the 26-year-old suspect, took the rifle out and adjusted its scope like a “Pictionary toy from the ’80s” with Nunez. The men were standing at the window, facing south, and began pointing the rifle out of the window, Portillo told police. 2). Outside, in the ground-floor pool area, a husband and wife in the hot tub noticed someone holding a gun from a fifth-floor window, the records said. Startled, they rushed into the lobby to tell a clerk about what they’d seen. 3). "We've got some scared people," he said. "A couple of the guests – I’m an employee – they’ve come... Read more →

One of the new discussion at warriortalk involved this incident. How Two Wisconsin police officers thwarted an ambush attack The article is a good read of the dynamics of the event. Basically, in a nutshell, a bad guy set up an ambush as a robbery attempt. I have investigated lots of robberies and this was not a robbery in the classic sense. Again, this is my opinion..the bad guy is dead and cannot give us his motive. Of note is the following passage: "The officers moved to the side (east) door just as a man dressed in camouflage began to exit, armed with an M4 carbine with an optical sight and suppressor. As the armed robber started to raise his slung carbine, fully loaded with a 90-round drum magazine, the officers fired a total of 13 rounds from their sidearms in 2.6 seconds, landing seven hits on their adversary and more on his weapon." That reads like a police report, but here is what I think the reality of the event really was - The good guys made up their... Read more →


AQUA TERRA PLUS Our Aqua Terra finish was discovered and implemented in the final production and finish of our slides in 2012. And it has been a fantastic finish. Its durability and corrosion resistance, coupled with its durability was key in our naming it "Aqua-Terra" descriptive of its equal facility on land and in the sea. And although we have been at the very bleeding edge of development for the enhancement of the Glock platform, we are never content to rest on past accomplishments, even after they have been emulated by others. Now our Aqua Terra finish is enhanced even further by adding a Teflon (PTFE) composite directly to the nickel matrix. This enhancement is analogous to the old NP3, but harder and more lubrious. A pistol or slide treated with Aqua Terra Plus will likely never need lubrication, making it excellent for those environments where sand and other environmental factors contraindicate running a "wet" weapon. As wear occurs, new PTFE particles are exposed and self lubrication continues. Even when the inevitable holster wear occurs, it results in only burnishing... Read more →

A STUDY OF TEMPO AND TIMING The shooting range can only measure two things: speed and accuracy. But there are many more elements that cannot be measured there that are imperative to success in a gunfight. Timing and tempo being two others. When to strike is more important than how fast to strike. And how quickly to strike in relation to the enemy's actions is just as crucial. Unimportant issues on the sporting fields, with its start signals, and rules, but intensely important if the goal is to win by design, not merely survive by default. One important consideration is the timing of starting the fight. Not allowing the other man the opportunity to fully launch once you recognize the sequence of events. Musashi called this "Holding Down A Pillow" like smothering the attack. The other is how fast and how often do you need to hit him to end the fight. Once the initiative is seized, it cannot ever be relinquished or he will turn the table and kill you. The "limited violence" crowd doesn't understand this. The timing... Read more →